by Thomas Reid



"Caring" is Thomas Reid's second full-length album. Every song represents an experience and is expressed through several different genres. The album's genre ranges from lofi hip-hop, to alternative singer-songwriter, to even some elctronic and hard rock influence, all while maintaining a lonely, isolated feeling.

Thank you for caring.


released October 19, 2018

Everything written and produced by Thomas Reid except for the following:
"Missing" prod. by Teqkoi
"Holding" prod. by Ondi Vil
"Take Us Away" prod. by insomnia




Thomas Reid Nashville, Tennessee

I hope this helps someone.

God loves you.

Thank you for caring.

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Track Name: Eyes
There you were

The look on your face

While the scent of perfume

Tries to mask our mistakes
You blink too much

Or at least that’s what it seems

When I’m stuck in your eyes

Until I crawl out or bleed

I’m afraid of you

Or at least myself

And how I get when I’m around you

And there’s nobody else
You’re every shade of 
beautiful and it shows

But I’m the shade stuck on your back

When I watch you walk home

There’s nobody like you

But I wish there were five

So maybe one of them would love me

And the others would die
I love you so much that it makes my heart blue

Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m sleeping next to you
Track Name: Holding (prod. Ondi Vil)
I can't hold myself together when I'm all alone.

I can't hold myself together unless I'm holding you.
Track Name: Normal Things
I don’t wanna stand up
I like it here
It’s so warm and safe
There’s no more tears

I’m afraid I’m gonna trip
If I decide to get up
So maybe I’ll just sit
Think of all the ways I’ve messed up

And it’s the normal things
Like the way you sing
And how you speak to me
All this eye contact it leaves
Me in a pile on the floor
I hope it’s not too cold
So we can sing some more

I can put my mask on again
So I can show all my friends
The person they want to see
That we both know they all need
From me
I’m sorry
I can’t to the phone right now
I’m in a pile on the floor
And I’m not sure if I’m getting up
Track Name: Take Us Away (prod. insomnia)

Medicate the cut

While sharpening the blade

It’s always in my ear
It’s always in my face

Here to fill me up

To pour out the pain
Take me away
Tell me that I’m pretty

Keep me wide awake

It’s a fan of me and all my worst mistakes

Keep me as a pet
A leesh to keep me tame
But it pulls me so tight

My neck

And I deserve


I get

Promise me

You’ll take us away

Promise me

You’ll take us away

Hold my hand while we both jump to heaven

Hold my hand while we both jump to heaven

It doesn’t look so far from here

Until we jump

Until we fall
And now we’re falling

Now we’re falling

Oh no
Track Name: Missing (prod. Teqkoi)
You’re someone I lean on
But I’m always held unsteadily your love’s the only remedy for what’s inside

Nobody’s searching for me
Now I’m lost
Nobody’s looking for me

You’re all that I needed
My heart is beating faster than my footsteps when I passed her as I ran away

Nobody’s searching for me
Now I’m lost
Nobody’s looking for me
Track Name: Shuttered Windows
Quiet hallways, dim lights, with something to muster the pain

Ice cold air with plenty to drink for more to pour from my brain

Shuttered windows to block the glances from my piano keys

Locked doors, completely alone, so no one is left to leave
Perfect angles, no more dust, everything’s in its place.
Can only concentrate once draw in my head can’t find a trace
Turn off my phone, ignore any calls, pretend I don’t really care.
Now to myself, pick up a pen, plenty of pain to share
Recalling the sting, remembering laughs, and times that I bemoan

Nowhere to go, no one to go back to, nothing like feeling alone

Loss of confidence, loss of time, no need to stop now
Continue the flow of thoughts so honest, soon I’ll be kicked out of town
Happiness fades, old pains raise, loss and laughing through tears
Just keep laughing, just keep writing, it’s never too late for cheers
Now all to dust, I see it all now, but soon it may fade to black
Although the thought of you may be fleeting, my pen always carves my way back

So I will dwell, I will hate, I will abide in this state.
Pick up my guitar, and sing of my terrible fate
Mock it up to a career path, a life that I chose
When perhaps I only do all this because I can’t let you go
Track Name: Sandcastle
I built us a sandcastle

To survive the crashing waves

And I hope you can see it

Yeah I wish you could see it
I couldn’t have made it without you

It’s a home for both of us

I’m afraid you don’t need it

But I do

Of course it’s a metaphor

I was always full of those
How was the wedding?

I don’t really want to know
I hope that you’re wonderful

You deserve everything you’ve got

This song is goodbye now

It’s been enough time now

For my sandcastle to dry
Track Name: Brother
But you'll always love me.
You'll always love me.

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