You Don't Seem To See

by Thomas Reid



Thomas Reid's debut single "You Don't Seem To See".


I know that you still have all of these grand dreams.
But I wonder if you ever think about me.
Does he make you laugh almost constantly?
I only ask because you don’t seem to see.

I wonder if we could have avoided this mess.
I wonder if I will ever care for you less.
When you hear my songs, do they disturb your rest?
Or do they remind you of just why you left?

You found me.
And you let me go.
You drown me.
Beneath the snow.
Now I’m lost, without your touch,
it wasn’t much, it’s all up in flames now.
That you’ve found, something new.

I’m still here.
Wish you could see.
Your own fear,
Has killed you and me.
I was once, all you could see,
now I float away just like a leaf.
All you see, is him.


released February 18, 2017




Thomas Reid Nashville, Tennessee

I hope this helps someone.

God loves you.

Thank you for caring.

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